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At most of the Ontario Director’s Permanent Trail Start Points, there is NO WALK BOX for registration. You may register in two ways:

    (1) Contact the Ontario Director or the Secretary-Treasurer for the instructions.

              Email: louismyre@hotmail.com or grahamfawcett@mac.com

          The registration fee for walks in Canada is $2.00 CDN. You may pay for your fee total by personal cheque, payable only to ‘WVAO’ for the required sum. After printing the blank registration form, please send the handwritten copy and cheque to either person below. Upon receipt of full payment and complete registration information, you will be sent the walk instructions. When you have done the walk, send the instruction sheet back with the correct reply to the qualifying question, and a CVF Insert Card will be mailed or emailed to you.

            Louis Myre (Director)                 Graham Fawcett (Sec.-Treas.)

            208, rue du Vieux-Port                6584 Harvest Grove Dr.

            Gatineau, QC  J8P 7W8               Greely, ON  K4P 1E9



What is a ‘Permanent Trail’? All across Ontario, there are special walks that have fixed start points and are open for extended periods of time, not just a single day. Some Permanent Trails may vary in duration from four months all the way up to 359 days per year. Check the dates shown with each event listing. You may go to these start points and do the walk at your own convenience. These walks are self-administered. At the start point, ask the person in charge for the ‘Walk Box’, and he or she will give you a large box that has registration materials in it. Find the Registration list, usually in a three-ring binder, sign the Waiver of responsibility, and then choose the written instructions for the walk distance of your choice. This is the perfect way to get to know and explore different communities across the province. If travelling, it is always a good idea to check the walks.ca web site for updates, and the contact person by email or phone before departure.

Another type of Permanent Trail has no registration box on site at the Start Point, but rather requires online registration. There are almost 20 such Permanent Trails run across the province by the Ontario Director. They are found in areas where there are nice walking possibilities, but no local club.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the WVAO?


The members of the Walking and Volkssport Association of Ontario promote walking for good health and fitness among all Ontarians, especially seniors, youth and new Canadians. We will achieve this through increased public awareness, networking, flexible programs, and the organization of high-quality, year-round and seasonal walking events throughout Ontario. Our walking events are organized by 7 clubs and a Provincial Director in dozens of communities across the province. All are welcome. Depending upon the time of year, we also organize skating, snowshoeing, cycling and cross-country ski events each year.

More .....

     We are a not-for-profit Association incorporated in the province of Ontario. We are entirely volunteer-driven, and are a member of the Canadian Volkssport Federation, which offers hundreds of organized walking events across Canada. There are some 40 other such national organizations around the world.

     Our goal is to share our enjoyment of walking for fitness in the many beautiful locations this province has to offer. We explore both the urban and rural environments, and try to use as many of the walking pathways in towns and cities as possible.

     We organize safe, well-run walking events in dozens of communities across this province.
We offer a varied and flexible program to meet the needs of all - single-day events, year round events, events over multiple days, independent walking programs. Our walks vary from 5 km to 200 km, but most of our walks are either 5 km [1 hour] and 10 km [2 hours].  Shorter distance walks are possible through our national Personal Walking Challenge.

     We have a year-long program for people of all ages and ability - all are welcome.

     We organize walking events for ‘fun, fitness and friendship’, and have an awards system to recognize and encourage participation and achievement.

     In 2016, we offer approximately 55 single-day events and 53 Permanent Trails (year-round and seasonal) in dozens of communities where one can self-register at one’s convenience most days of the year.

     We also offer flexible means to encourage Ontarians to walk wherever they are.

What are the advantages of becoming a member of a club?

          Being a member of a club has many advantages: peer encouragement, social contact, newsletters, emails, shared schedules, awards programs, bus trips, etc. If there is no club near you, then you can register yourself and your friends or neighbours in our ‘Personal Walking Challenge - Record Sheet’.

Other questions?

     Please consult our Frequently Asked Questions page for further details.