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Walking Events in Ontario

Updated December 18, 2020

Scheduled Events are most often single-day events prepared for a specific date, time and location, and usually done only once per event. Ontario walking clubs have organized 40 or more such scheduled events for 2020. Most distances vary from 5 km (1 hour of walking) through 10 - 12 km (2 hours+ walking). There are also a couple of walks that may be done on two-day excursions.

Permanent Trails are multi-day walking courses, usually offering 5 km and 10 km distances, or sometimes a bit more. They are sponsored by the Ontario clubs and the CVF Director. These walking routes are accessible for 60 to 365 days per year. Many have a start point such as a store or restaurant, where a self-registration box is held. The Ontario Director has 24 Permanent Trails in locations across Ontario where there is no self-registration box, so mail-in and online registration are offered. To register and receive the instructions, the walker contacts the Director by email or the Secretary-Treasurer through an online form. When the walk has been completed, the walker remits his/her fee ($2.00), after which the Director will mail the IVV/CVF Award, or the Secretary-Treasurer will send an electronic copy of same.

Ontario Clubs' Scheduled Events & Permanent Trails 2021

Gateway Walkers (North Bay)     King's Town Trekkers (Kingston)

Nepean Nomads (Ottawa)     Ottawa Voyageurs (Ottawa)

Temiskaming Wanderers (New Liskeard)

Ontario Director's Permanent Trails 2021 - All Regions

Eastern Ontario          Northern Ontario

Ottawa & National Capital Region          Southwestern & Central Ontario

Registration Form (Director's Walks only)

Each and every participant is required to register before departure, especially if they wish to take part in the IVV Awards program, where accumulating distances and participations are noted in special booklets for that purpose. In the case of several people walking at the same time, ALL must pre-register individually and sign the Waiver of Responsibility**. Please do not leave registration until the last minute, as the Secretary-Treasurer is also required to do a lot of travel and may not be able to reply as soon as hoped.


Our walks are organized by experienced leaders, all volunteers, who know their communities well. The goal is always to choose the safest and most interesting routes possible, always using the best community resources such as trails, parks, and interesting sights. Some walks in rural or forest areas may be significantly more difficult, and this is always known in advance. The Canadian Volkssport Federation has a rating system for this purpose, and that information is shown for each and every event. It is an alpha-numeric code that may look like 1A, 2C, or 4D. The most strenuous walk would be rated 5E. Ratings vary according to difficulty and surface terrain.

Waiver or Responsibility

**As a condition of participating in this event, the participant releases and holds harmless the CVF Ontario Director, the Canadian Volkssport Federation - La Fédération Canadienne Volkssport, its members, officers, employees, representatives, event officials and event sponsors from any injury to person, property and/or reputation that may be received by the said participant and from all claims of said injuries to the parties listed above, growing out of or resulting from the event contemplated under this application, or caused by any construction or condition of the course over which the event is held. The participant releases the parties listed above from any liability listed above, notwithstanding that same may have been contributed to or occasioned by the negligence of the said parties, any of them, their agents, officials, servants or representatives. The execution of the 'Waiver of Liability' is a condition of and will be signed prior to participation in the event.