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At most of the Ontario Director’s Permanent Trail Start Points, there is NO WALK BOX for registration. You may register in two ways:

(1) Instructions by regular mail: Contact the Ontario Director for the instructions. The registration fee for walks in Canada is $2.00 CDN. You may pay for your fee total by personal cheque, payable only to ‘WVAO’ for the required sum. After printing the blank registration form, please send the handwritten copy and cheque to the Director, below.

          Benoît Pinsonneault,

          CVF Ontario Director

          2039 GatineauView Crescent

          Ottawa, ON  K1J 7W9

After your registration form and check have been received, the Director will mail you the instructions. Please allow several weeks delay for receipt and return of your registration and instructions by regular mail.

(2) Electronic / online registration and instructions: Please use this link to register online and download the instructions sets for the walk(s) that you have registered for. You may then do the walk(s). When finished, let me know by email (grahamfawcett@mac.com) and send me your fee ($2.00 CDN / walk completed). When I have received your fee(s), I will send you an electronic copy of the official CVF Insert Card, showing credit for Distance and Participation for the Permanent Trail(s) chosen.




What is a ‘Permanent Trail’? All across Ontario, there are special walks that have fixed start points and are open for extended periods of time, not just a single day. Some Permanent Trails may vary in duration from four months all the way up to 359 days per year. Check the dates shown with each event listing. You may go to these start points and do the walk at your own convenience. These walks are self-administered. At the start point, ask the person in charge for the ‘Walk Box’, and he or she will give you a large box that has registration materials in it. Find the Registration list, usually in a three-ring binder, sign the Waiver of responsibility, and then choose the written instructions for the walk distance of your choice. This is the perfect way to get to know and explore different communities across the province. If travelling, it is always a good idea to check the walks.ca web site for updates, and the contact person by email or phone before departure.

Another type of Permanent Trail has no registration box on site at the Start Point, but rather requires online registration. There are almost 20 such Permanent Trails run across the province by the Ontario Director. They are found in areas where there are nice walking possibilities, but no local club.

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