Walking and Volkssport Association of Ontario

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All Ontario Walking Clubs

Gateway Walkers Club

15 Nancy Drive,

North Bay, ON  P1B 9L9

President:  André Tardif

Email:  tardifandre@gmail.com

Phone:  705-495-2242

Scheduled Events & Permanent Trails

King's Town Trekkers Volkssport Club

President:  Doug Woods  UPDATED

Email: woods2116@hotmail.com

Phone:  613-767-4619

Scheduled Events & Permanent Trails

Nepean Nomads Walking Club

153 David Drive

Nepean, ON   K2G 2N6

President:  Michele Bell

Email:  gm.bell@rogers.com

Phone:  613-220-1751

Club website:  www.nepeannomads.com

Scheduled Events & Permanent Trails

NOTE: The Argosy Rovers of Brighton ON ceased operations at the end of 2016. Their Permanent Trail has been taken over by the Ontario Director as an online registration. Please contact Karen Venema or Graham Fawcett for more details.

Ottawa International Walking Festival

6584 Harvest Grove Drive

Greely, ON  K4P 1E9

President:  Graham Fawcett

Email:  grahamfawcett@icloud.com

Phone: 613-821-0056

Website:  www.wvao.ca/OIWF

Ottawa Voyageurs d'Ottawa Walking Club

6491 Boul Jeanne d'Arc Blvd., PO Box 62041

Orleans, ON  K1C 7H8

President (Interim):  Benoît Pinsonneault

Email:  benoitpinson@rogers.com

Phone:  613-746-9071

Club website:  ottawavoyageurs.ca

Scheduled Events & Permanent Trails

Temiskaming Wanderers

Box 1525,

New Liskeard, ON  P0J 1P0

President:  Terry Smerdon

Email:  smerdon@ntl.sympatico.ca

Phone:  705-647-6225

Scheduled Events & Permanent Trails


Updated June 22, 2022

Waiver of Responsibility

Each and every participant is required to register before departure, especially if they wish to take part in the IVV Awards program, where accumulating distances and participations are noted in special booklets for that purpose. In the case of several people walking at the same time, ALL must pre-register individually and sign the Waiver of Responsibility**.

**As a condition of participating in this event, the participant releases and holds harmless the CVF Ontario Director, the Canadian Volkssport Federation - La Fédération Canadienne Volkssport, its members, officers, employees, representatives, event officials and event sponsors from any injury to person, property and/or reputation that may be received by the said participant and from all claims of said injuries to the parties listed above, growing out of or resulting from the event contemplated under this application, or caused by any construction or condition of the course over which the event is held. The participant releases the parties listed above from any liability listed above, notwithstanding that same may have been contributed to or occasioned by the negligence of the said parties, any of them, their agents, officials, servants or representatives. The execution of the 'Waiver of Liability' is a condition of and will be signed prior to participation in the event.

SPECIAL NOTES: Due to COVID, please check with the club or the contact person for any possible changes.