Walking and Volkssport Association of Ontario

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What is the WVAO?

Our mission is to promote healthful and enjoyable walking to all Ontarians. Our walks are organized by six clubs and a provincial Director in numerous communities acress Ontario. All are welcome. According to the season, we also organize skating, snowshoe, cycle, and cross-country skiing events each year.

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     We are a not-for-profit organization registered in the Province of Ontario. We depend completely upon our volunteers, and belong to the Canadian Volkssport Federation, which organizes hundreds of walking events across Canada every year. There are more than 40 such member countries around the world. We do our best to share the pleasure of walking in many interesting locations across this province. We explore both urban and rural environments, and try to make the best possible use of city and country trails alike. Our events are designed to respond to the needs of all: single-day events, ongoing walks, walks over several days, and a program of independent walking. The distances for our walks vary from 5 to 200 km, but the majority are for 5 km (1 hour) and 10 km (2 hours). Shorter distances are possible through our Independent Walking Program. All are welcome. Our goal is 'fun, fitness and friendship', and we encourage and recognize participation and achievement through a system of awards.

     In 2020, we will organize approximately 50 single-day walks and 53 Permanent Trails in communities where one can register at one's convenience almost every day of the year.

What are the advantages of belonging to a club?

     Belonging to a club offer several advantages: peer encouragement, social contact, newsletters, emails, information sharing, awards recognition, trips, etc. If there is no club near you, you can always register yourself through our ‘Personal Walking Challenge - Record Sheet’

Waiver of Responsibility

Each and every participant is required to register before departure, especially if they wish to take part in the IVV Awards program, where accumulating distances and participations are noted in special booklets for that purpose. In the case of several people walking at the same time, ALL must pre-register individually and sign the Waiver of Responsibility**.

**As a condition of participating in this event, the participant releases and holds harmless the CVF Ontario Director, the Canadian Volkssport Federation - La Fédération Canadienne Volkssport, its members, officers, employees, representatives, event officials and event sponsors from any injury to person, property and/or reputation that may be received by the said participant and from all claims of said injuries to the parties listed above, growing out of or resulting from the event contemplated under this application, or caused by any construction or condition of the course over which the event is held. The participant releases the parties listed above from any liability listed above, notwithstanding that same may have been contributed to or occasioned by the negligence of the said parties, any of them, their agents, officials, servants or representatives. The execution of the 'Waiver of Liability' is a condition of and will be signed prior to participation in the event.

Do you have other questions?

     Consult our FAQ for other possible answers.

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SPECIAL NOTES: Due to COVID, please check with the club or the contact person for any possible changes.